Who is This Course for?

This course is for academic editors who want to support tenured and tenure-track faculty members with research grant applications, whether that’s as a freelancer or from within a university or research hospital. It’s expected that you will already have experience with developmental, structural, stylistic, or copy editing of academic research. In the modules that follow, you’ll learn:

  • what funding agencies and competitions researchers at Canadian institutions are eligible to apply for;
  • how to structure and format key sections of grant applications, including the proposal, the training plan, the knowledge mobilization plan, and the budget and budget justification;
  • how to best support grant applicants; and
  • how to find work in this rewarding field.

This course is not for academics who want to improve their chances of success with funders of academic research. If you're an academic looking to improve your own writing, please check out my training & resources for academics over at shortishard.com.

Editing research grants can be both emotionally rewarding and financially lucrative. As you get familiar with specific funding agencies and specific grants within those agencies, your advice and perspective can simplify the application process for a researcher, reducing their stress levels and enhancing their chance at success. And, given the high stakes associated with funding competitions that can sometimes have single-digit success rates, editors of research grant applications can usually charge a high hourly or project rate for their services.

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