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People who help academics to write persuasive grant applications are superheroes. Academics do important work, and they do it while tired, stressed, and busy with teaching and family responsibilities. Research grants are some of the highest-stakes documents that academics have to write. If you edit research funding applications––as a freelancer or in a university research centre, institute, department, faculty, or unit––then you can be a huge help to an academic’s progress in their career. 

“Editing Academic Research Grants in Canada” is designed for editors who want to be able to edit research funding, fellowship, and scholarship applications across the disciplines. This course will help you support faculty members, postdocs, and grad students in applying for research funding from federal and provincial funding agencies, as well as not-for-profit and philanthropic funders of academic research. 

We’ll cover everything from common challenges in proposal narratives to effective strategies for budget justifications, figures, images, timelines and bios. We’ll talk about how to coach new clients, how to get experience in the field, and how to market yourself when searching for freelance work or for jobs at post-secondary institutions. 

This course is designed for editors with some experience editing academic writing and a solid foundation in editing basics who want to level up by bringing grant editing into their portfolio. Are you an academic editing superhero in disguise? Join us for “Editing Academic Research Grants in Canada.”

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