Course includes: Office hours, one-on-one coaching, cohort and community, step-by-step process, and lifetime access
To meet popular demand, the Writing Short is Hard team is offering a new, eight-week, cohort-based version of this course. You'll get:
  • lifetime access to all course materials and resources
  • written feedback on five pages of your writing, designed to help you identify and correct problematic patterns in your own writing
  • a 30-minute meeting with the academic writing expert and coach of your choice: Humanities Specialist Erin K. Maher; Social Sciences & Law Specialist D. Scott; Medical Writing Specialist Emily Lam; or Education & Health Sciences Specialist Letitia Henville
  • six hours of office hours with the Course Lead, Dr. Letitia Henville, to discuss sticky pieces of writing
  • access to a community of peers and fellow learners, with an asynchronous discussion board

Writing well is a skill

As an academic, you aren’t judged on the work that you do in the lab, the archive, the field, or the classroom. Instead, you’re judged on how you write about that work--in journal articles, monographs, grant applications, and promotion & tenure dossiers.

Yet the bulk of resources and websites and coaches available in the academic support industry focus on getting writing done, instead of getting writing done well.

We trust that you'll figure out the process to get writing done that works best for you. This course will show you how to polish your writing so it is clear, efficient, and compelling.

Meet Your Coach: Letitia Henville, PhD
Course includes: Office hours, one-on-one coaching, cohort and community, step-by-step process, and lifetime access

This course is closed for enrollment.

Our Schedule:

Each week, you'll work through a new step in the self-editing process, and have a chance to connect with Letitia through her open office hours or your one-on-one feedback.
You'll work through each week's lesson on your own time, and can access our exclusive course community to chat with your cohort on our discussion board.

Your Course Lead:

Letitia Henville, PhD, is an award-winning instructor and freelance academic editor. She has experience working in-house as a grants editor, reviewing arts & culture grants for the Vancouver Foundation, and success in editing ~$4M of research funding proposals.

She's also the author of the academic writing advice column Ask Dr. Editor, published monthly in University Affairs. Letitia has taught academic editing and writing for Editors Canada, the Editorial Freelancers Association, Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Manitoba, the University of Toronto, and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Letitia's work can be found at

A picture of Letitia Henville, a white lady with black-and-grey hair who is wearing a gold nose ring, bright red lipstick, and a yellow sleeveless shirt.